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What are Color Street Nail Strips?

Color Street Nail Strips are 100% nail polish strips that comes 95% dry. Each real nail polish strip is made of a base, color and top coat and can be gently stretched to easily fit any nail size and shape. The result: a brilliant, salon-quality manicure in minutes with no dry time, smudges or streaks!

How long do they last?

Color Street says they last up to 10 days...however most of the ladies I know can get 2+ weeks out of each manicure! Extend the life of your sets by using the Clear as Day strip or your favourite topcoat.

Are they fast & easy to apply?

YES! Everyone who tries them can't believe how easy they are to apply. You can finally have a salon quality manicure at home. I can do a full manicure in under 5 minutes!

What comes in a set?

Each set comes with everything you need to apply! 16 nail strips, a nail prep pad and a nail file. The manicure strips are double sided, whereas the pedicure strips are single sided.

Can I save my leftovers?

Color Street are 100% nail polish so they are one time use only and start to dry immediately after opening. However, I do have a few tips I can share if you text or email me!

How to I apply?

Click here to view my application video!

How do I remove them?

Color Street nail strips remove with just regular polish remover - even non-acetone remover! Click here for a removal "hack" video that I like to share with my customers!

More questions? Feel free to text me at 403.462.3108 or email me at!

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